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Hazelrigg Claims Management Services is all about commitment-our complete and continual commitment towards providing our clients with the most professional, productive and personalized Claims Management service possible. At HCMS we regard our clients as the most important aspect of our business and have, therefore, made it our corporate mission to focus upon our client’s needs and how they want their programs managed.

When you become a client of HCMS you have enlisted the services of more than just a service provider…you have enlisted the services of our Claims Administration team as your business partner. As your new partner, HCMS will look at your business from your perspective to gain a better understanding of your business goals, challenges and concerns. In doing so, we will be able to serve your needs conscientiously, constructively and completely with compassion, creativity and competence.

At HCMS, we are extremely proud of our background, philosophy and accomplishments as a Third Party Administrator managing Workers’ Compensation and general liability claims in California. Our expertise within this area is extensive-covering public and private employers as well as fully insured and self-insured programs. HCMS’s empathy towards injured workers creates a harmonious administrative environment that ultimately reduces litigation costs as well as increases productivity by helping get injured workers back on the job faster.

HCMS expects to reduce the actual cost of your Workers’ Compensation program through our company’s aggressive and responsive claims management philosophy along with the active use of our cost containment techniques. The purpose of this brochure is to acquaint you with HCMS’s Professionalism with a Personal Touch.

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Arlene Hazelrigg

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General Manager

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Workers' Compensation Claims Manager

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